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Corporate Governance

Since its inception, ABIOMED, Inc. has been committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior and the company’s commitment extends to all aspects of its role as an employer, a manufacturer, and a corporate citizen. This commitment to ethical behavior extends beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations to inspire our relationships with our shareholders, customers, and employees.

Committee Charters

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Charter for the Audit Committee

Charter for the Governance and Nominating Committee

Charter for the Compensation Committee

Charter for the Regulatory and Compliance Committee

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Code of Conduct

Communications with Shareholders

Shareholders and other interested persons may communicate with the members of our Board of Directors. Written correspondence should be addressed to the director(s) in care of the Chief Compliance Officer at our address at 22 Cherry Hill Drive, Danvers, MA 01923 or by e-mail to All communications will be received and processed by the Compliance Officer. Complaints or concerns relating to financial reporting, accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing will be referred to the chair of the Audit Committee. Other communications may be referred to the directors as a group or to an individual director, as appropriate.